Andreas Hermann was born an illegitimate child in 1913 in the town of Sisak under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian empire. His father, Andreas Sudarovic, joined the Austrian navy at the outbreak of WWI and subsequently joined the Bolsheviks in Russia, never to return. His mother, Terezia Hermann, died shortly thereafter of tuberculosis.

In 1927, after the newly established Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was transformed into the country of Yugoslavia, he became Yugoslavian. At the age of fourteen, he apprenticed as a locksmith under Josip Broz, who later became known as Tito. In 1932, running away from the Sisak police because, as he put it, "I was always getting beat up and into trouble because I had no parents", -he arrived in Cacinci in eastern Slavonia where he married Maria Audi, an ethnic German.

During 1942, when he was conscripted into the SS division of volksdeutsche, he became a German. In 1948, after serving as a POW in England, and unable to return to Yugoslavia, he became an Austrian citizen; and in 1956, he emigrated with his family to America where he became a citizen.



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